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Case Studies


Case Studies


Two prominant organizations, Valdosta State University and Archbold Memorial Hospital, have participated with  Globe Chemical Company and released their reduction in expense figures related to their floor care operations. The results are astounding and prove that having incredibly beautiful floors does NOT have to be sacrificed in order to reduce expenses

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ln July 2016 the Globe Floor Care Program was introduced to the Mcleod
Loris Hospital in Loris, South Carolina. The Director of Environmental
Services, Frank Danzy, decided to test the program. The Environmental
Service's staff completed the Globe Floor Care
Training Program in August. ln September the E V S staff were acredited
and the program implemented.
The results from the program from October 1, 2016 to September 31,
2017 was being under budget by $ 40,000.00. The reduction was in the
following areas

ware maintenance supervisors undergo training

PHOTO: Ware County school system maintenance supervisors completing recent training include Dan Allemani (top row, left to right), Billy Harrison, Jessie Musgrove, Eli Devane, Keith Hendricks, Charles Jarrell (bottom row, left to right), Daryl Cribbs, James Cox and Robert Benchoff. 

Waycross Journal-Herald, Monday, February 8, 2016 

CASE STUDY - The goal of Valdosta State University was to research a cleaning method that would reduce labor, material cost, increase floor safety and improve indoor air quality in all campus buildings. Valdosta State University reduced their expenses by $3,454,522.00 in cleaning labor and chemicals over a 12 year period. This equals $287,876.83 reduced per year!

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